Poll Finds Newspapers from All 65 Schools in Mens NCAA Basketball Tournament Open to Advertising Internet Gambling Sites

WASHINGTON, March 31 /PRNewswire/ — Despite the NCAA’s insistence that it
is trying to stamp out illegal gambling on college campuses, the student
newspapers of all 65 universities that qualified for the NCAA basketball
tournament either take or would run advertising for Internet gambling sites,
according to an informal poll released today by the American Gaming
Association (AGA).

The poll, conducted by National Media, an Alexandria, Va.-based media
placement firm, also found that all 11 schools who have members on the NCAA
Division I board of directors would also run the advertising. Among the
schools polled were Penn State, Michigan State, University of Maryland,
University of North Carolina, University of Kansas, University of Arizona,
Duke University, Notre Dame, Indiana University, Stanford, Cal-Berkeley,
Boston College, Syracuse University, University of Florida, University of
Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Tennessee.

“The NCAA is attempting to stop legal, regulated gaming on NCAA sports in
Nevada, under the guise of preventing illegal gambling on college campuses
sometimes thousands of miles away. Not only are these college campus
newspapers promoting illegal gambling, they are also profiting from it,” said
Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr., president and CEO of the AGA, pointing out that
while underage students have access to Internet sites, most students at these
universities cannot gamble legally in Nevada. In Nevada, you must be 21 years
old and physically present to wager with Nevada sports books.
In conducting the poll, National Media contacted, by phone, the
advertising departments of the schools to determine if the newspapers would
sell advertising space to Internet gambling sites. Not one said they would
not and all quoted the cost of running the ads.

“When college students can gamble right in their own dorm rooms through
hundreds of off-shore Internet gambling sites, it’s no wonder that illegal
sports gambling is so widespread on college campuses,” Said Fahrenkopf.

“Illegal sports gambling will continue to be a problem in colleges and
universities until the NCAA and its member schools focus their attention on
stopping illegal sports gambling where it starts, on the campuses.”

The NCAA is advocating a federal ban on legal college sports wagering in
Nevada that would do nothing to eliminate the widespread illegal gambling
occurring on college campuses and elsewhere in the country.

In contrast, the gaming industry is supporting comprehensive federal
legislation offered by the Nevada Congressional delegation that would increase
enforcement and penalties, evaluate the extent and …